Discontinued products:

S100 series mixing desk (100, S102, S191)
Over 25 years old, but still popular                         download user manual

SBM80 technical manual                                      download technical manual

Brochure Manual / Technical information
Mixing desks
D3 digital mixing desk D3 pdf brochure Manual D3 (pdf)
Info: www.eela.nl/D3TI
D4 32/16 digital mixing desk D4 pdf brochure D4 Manual
D4 Handleiding (Dutch version)
EA963 GPIO extender / signalling EA963 pdf brochure
Logos workstation mixer Discontinued Manual Logos (.doc)
S120 universal mixing desk S120 pdf brochure Manual S120
S130 universal mixing desk On-Air configManual S130
SRM On-Air mixing console SRM pdf brochure SRM specifications
SBM90 On-Air mixing console SBM90 pdf brochure SBM90 specifications
SBM90 connector layout
S340 DJ mixing desk S340 system description S340 connector layout
Reporter equipment
S20A Reportophone S20A pdf brochure Manual S20A
S24 Reportophone for 2 reporters S24 pdf brochure Manual S24
S25 Reportophone for GSM S25 pdf brochure www.eela.nl/S25TI
Cables list
S50 Reportomix S50 pdf brochure  
Telephone hybrids
EA815/2 electronic hybrid EA815/2 hybrid Manual EA815/2
EA915/X DSP hybrid EA915X pdf brochure Manual EA915X
EA816 GSM hybrid EA816 pdf brochure Manual EA816
EA916 Journalist unit EA916 pdf brochure www.eela.nl/EA916
Balancing units
EA811 Stereo output balancing unit EA811 pdf brochure
EA820 In- / output balancing unit EA820 pdf brochure
EA924 Quad input balancing unit EA924 pdf brochure
EA926 Quad output balancing unit EA926 pdf brochure
Distribution / selector / mixer
EA927 4 output distribution ampl. EA927 pdf brochure
EA956 / 57 6/12 way selector / mixer EA956/57 pdf brocure
EA853 studio TB interface EA853 pdf brochure   Discontinued
EA854 Studio Interface / Headphones EA854 pdf brochure Manual EA854
EA862 red-light relais unit (universal) EA862 pdf brochure
EA921 Modulation limiter EA921 pdf brochure
EA946 Modulation Guard EA946 pdf brochure Manual EA946
EA946 configuration software

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