Eela Audio Reportophones
S25 Reportophone for mobile telephone:
S25 achterkant
S25 vks
The S25 Reportophone offers the reporter the possibility to connect to the studio from every place were he can use his mobile telephone. It is easy to use, offers very good protection against HF radiation and has the same features as the world famous S20A. Even the layout and function of the knobs is the same.

The audio quality is surprisingly good. You are getting the best possible audio from the 8 bit 8 kHz telephone system. Under normal circumstances you won't hear any distortion due to the radiation of the telephone.
A special application is the use in Advanced Multirate Wideband systems (AMR-WB / G722).
This "wideband audio" or "HD Voice" system increases the bandwidth and transmits in the audio frequency range of 50 Hz to almost 8 kHz. In combination with an S25 Reportophone, good microphone and a suitable mobile telephone audio quality improves to an extend that is very close to much larger and more expensive reporter systems.  
A number of carriers have rolled out HD voice services based on this G.722 wideband standard. Amongst others KPN in the Netherlands is also offering this system.

The S25 can also be used as a stationary hybrid in areas where no landlines are available.
To connect your mobile telephone to the unit a wide variety of cables is available for Apple, HTC, Nokia, Samsung and others
For a list of available cables click here. Please note that this list is not complete as each week new types of telephones ans smartphones are available on the market
S20A Reportophone for one reporter:
The S20A Reportophone (The Original!) is an easy to use, full function radio reporter telephone unit. With almost 10.000 units sold all over the world it's known as the radio reporters "Swiss Army knife".

Just connect a studio microphone, a pair of headphones and the telephone line and dial up your studio for a studio link with maximum audio quality.
Download the pdf.
S24 Reportophone for two reporters:
The S24+ is is the dual version of the S20A. By using the same microchip technology as in our broadcast desks, we have made a user friendly, flexible outside broadcast unit, suited for working with any type of analog studio link, being telephone or 4 wire in any combination.The mixer section has been extended, with three mic/line inputs, for two reporters and there are extensive communication facilities available.

The build-in LCD display and the soft keys together with the menu structured working modes keep the operation clear and simple. The S24 can be used anywhere because of it's compact and lightweight though rugged construction with battery powering. A power supply for optional mains operation is included.

Download the pdf.

S24 front
Eela Audio Reportophones are the standard tool for many radio reporters. Thousands of S20A Reportophones are in daily use all over the world.

Available are 3 versions:
S25 for mobile telephone,
S20A for one reporter,
S24 for  2 reporters.